The obligatory "Obama danced while Ferguson raged" photo

The fact that it was taken at a country club in one of the toniest areas in the United States isn’t what makes it obnoxious, but it does add a zesty “disengaged ruling class” stink to it, don’t you think?

I know you’ve already seen it on Drudge and/or Breitbart but it can’t be reposted enough. And let’s be clear: As much as this lends itself to an easy “What if Bush did it?” analysis, and as much as that analysis would be entirely correct, it really would have been callous had Bush danced the night away on yet another night of cops battling protesters after a fatal shooting in the midwest. It’s not a matter of “optics,” it’s a matter of giving a minimal enough sh*t about what’s happening in the country you govern to not be partying while it’s going down live on cable and the Internet. That was one of the things that supposedly made him the anti-Bush in 2008, right?

Ace is trying to spread my joke about Obama being “semi-retired” but he’s not really “semi”-retired anymore, is he? He’s done. He wouldn’t have let this photo happen if he wasn’t. Next stop: The Villages.

One more thing. I tweeted this last night half-serious, half-joking:

The serious part was that his statement would be painstakingly worded to avoid offending anyone. The joke was that he’d be back on the links right away. After the new uproar, I thought, he’d stick to lower-profile vacation activities for a day or two to signal he was taking this seriously. Welp:

Does that sound like a man who’s merely semi-retired? In lieu of an exit question, go read this from Business Insider. It’s a comfort at least to know that he’s studying some important data while all this is going on.

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