Ann Coulter: We have no choice but to vote for these Republicans, including the crap-ass ones

An electrifying midterm rallying cry on a slow summer news day. Boehner, incidentally, isn’t one of the crappy-asses, she says. She doesn’t name names there, but she’s been known to diverge from grassroots conservatives in these matters before.

What would happen, though, if Boehner turned around and made a deal with Harry Reid on amnesty in September? One of the goals of Obama’s looming power grab over legalization is to scare Republican leaders with the thought that Latino voters will be so grateful, they’ll break even harder for Democrats in 2016. The only countermeasure, Dems would have you believe, is for the GOP to agree to comprehensive reform before then and steal some of Obama’s thunder. No one in conservative media (with the possible exception of the boss emeritus) is as vociferously anti-amnesty as Coulter. If Republicans signed off on a legalization deal, as is quite possible next spring or summer, would she consider that reason enough for conservatives to protest by staying home in 2016? We all have our red lines when it comes to political betrayals, but as the example of Obama and Syria reminds us, a red line that isn’t enforced is meaningless and even counterproductive in how it invites further aggression. I’m reluctantly willing to boycott the next election if the GOP makes a bad deal on immigration in the name of showing them how steep the cost of future betrayals might be. Is Coulter? Or are we destined for a “three cheers for the Gang of Eight bill!” column in two years if/when Rubio is the nominee?

Exit question: Besides immigration, which other issues (within the realm of realistic possibility) could the GOP endorse before 2016 that would give righties serious pause about voting? I can’t think of one offhand. I suppose Boehner and McConnell could make a terrible grand bargain with O on deficit reduction that annoyed everyone, but even a bad bargain would contain some concessions on entitlements that they could spin to their advantage.

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