Rand Paul sums up Chris Christie in one word: "Bridges"

I guess they never ended up grabbing that beer, huh?

Click the image and skip to 23:10 for the word association game, which involves more than just Christie. Worth posting for two reasons. One: Usually when one of these two jabs at the other, it’s good for a few days of counterpunching between them. I’m flagging it now so that when Christie calls him a hippie tomorrow, you know what touched it off. Two: I’m a little surprised at how easy he goes on Obama and Marco Rubio. He’s critical of O, but not harshly so; it’s hard to imagine, say, Ted Cruz reaching for nothing more damning than “ineffectual” at a moment when O’s on the verge of legalizing nearly every illegal in America. But then, that’s a function of differing strategies. Paul’s spent enough time on outreach to black voters that he’ll choose his words carefully in criticizing the first black president from now on. (That’s also why he refused to criticize Team Cochran over the Mississippi runoff.) As for Rubio, he’s nothing but complimentary. I expected a bit of vinegar from him due to their budding 2016 rivalry and their sharp differences on foreign policy, but maybe Rand figures he has enough enemies within the party right now not to spar with Rubio before he really needs to. Offhand I can’t recall Rubio attacking him directly the way Christie and Rick Perry have. Maybe there’s a nonaggression pact in place. For now.


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Jazz Shaw 8:01 PM on December 06, 2022