Video: The sadly obligatory "Hillary and Colbert name-drop" clip

I read Ace’s post before I watched and figured he was overselling how bad it was. Now I see he undersold it. Good lord.

And yet, somehow it’s worthy of a story/transcript in the paper of record.

I wonder what the angle was. Ace thinks it was designed so that people could say Hillary’s a “good sport” afterwards, even though Colbert doesn’t lay a rhetorical glove on her. I don’t know. She’ll do a hundred “good sport” segments on late-night TV before election day 2016. She didn’t need to do this one, especially so early. Maybe she has reason to believe that Warren fever is spreading among the left, especially among young voters, and she wanted an outlet that would reach them directly. Maybe she’s peeved that, as the Times notes, Ed Klein’s book on the Clintons is actually outselling her own and she figured a little lighthearted PR was called for. Or maybe Colbert just wanted to suck up to her before he takes Letterman’s seat at CBS. She’ll be the most coveted interview in politics once she announces she’s running; go figure that a guy who’s about to inherit a high-pressure network late-night slot wants to give her a reason to come back to his show over the next two years.

Maybe they’ll even have him back to give the keynote at the White House Correspondents Dinner after President Hillary takes office. That’s bound to be hard-hitting, no?

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