Pro-Palestinian protesters storm synagogue in France

Leftover from yesterday’s news but important enough to be posted belatedly. A glimpse at the Ghost of Europe Future from the Ghost of Europe Past?

Pro-Palestinian protesters tried to force their way into a Paris synagogue Sunday with bats and chairs, then fought with security officers who blocked their way, according to police and a witness…

A police spokeswoman said the Don Isaac Abravanel synagogue in eastern Paris was targeted during a service, and worshippers were blocked inside while police pushed protesters back. The spokeswoman said all those inside left safely by Sunday evening.

Aline Le Bail-Kremer watched the incident unfold from her window across the street. She said protesters came from two directions and converged on the synagogue, grabbing chairs from sidewalk cafes and wielding bats as they tried to push past security guards.

There were, reportedly, “dozens” of attackers who peeled off from a larger protest. The police’s presence at the synagogue was initially thin, so men from Jewish groups ended up brawling with the Hamas fans in the street to keep them out of the building while they waited for more cops to arrive. Three people ended up in the hospital; according to a journalist at the scene, the attackers “had murder on their minds.” The clip below supposedly shows a snippet of what it looked like. Here’s a photo, via Twitchy:

The same journalist covered a protest in a Paris suburb the day before and heard people chanting “slaughter the Jews” and “death to the Jews,” which is an … interesting but not altogether uncommon reaction from people who claim to be objecting to some specific Israeli military action. The day before that, a different synagogue in a suburb outside Paris was lightly damaged when someone threw a firebomb at the entrance. All of this is happening in a country where nasty anti-semitism, replete with a crypto-Nazi salute, is quite literally a laughing matter.

The predictable result, albeit only in its earliest stages, is a new Jewish depopulation of Europe:

Ms. Taieb Nizard, 32, a mother of two, says she was punched on the Champs-Élysées by a gang of Muslim girls who called her “dirty Jew.” Last year, she said, a man in her neighborhood on the edge of Paris complained to the police about her sister’s Sukkah, a hut erected to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Sukkot. She insists that her Orthodox husband wear a baseball cap over his skullcap to avoid harassment. A graduate in management, she was also struggling to find a job.

“I love France, and this is my country, but I am disgusted now,” she said. “In Israel there is an army that will protect us. Here, I can no longer see a future for my children.”…

Last year, 3,288 French Jews emigrated to Israel — a 72 percent increase over 2012. For the first time since 1948, the year Israel was founded, French émigrés surpassed the number of American émigrés. This year, the Jewish Agency says it expects some 5,000 to make aliyah, the Hebrew word for immigration that means “to ascend.” The agency said that while immigration to Israel was stagnating globally, French Jews were the notable exception.

It’s not just Muslims whom they fear; the NYT notes that “far right” parties have more of a foothold in Europe than they did 10 years ago. European Jews may end up caught between the same two monsters that have reduced Jewish populations in Muslim countries to almost nothing, Islamic fanatics on one side and militaristic fascists who promise to keep the jihadis in line on the other. I hear Tel Aviv is lovely this time of year.

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