Boehner gets angry on immigration: When is Obama going to take some responsibility for something?

Is this a trick question?

Seriously, I hate to hassle the guy when he’s scoring a righteous point on President Buckpasser and I really hate to do it at a moment when even some liberals are in agreement, sniffing that O’s sad little presser last night had more to do with blame-shifting than with actually solving the border crisis. But listen: Obama ain’t the only one who’s been signaling “permiso” to would-be illegals in Mexico and Central America with nonstop chatter about amnesty over the past 18 months. He’s the guiltiest culprit, sure. He issued that DREAM amnesty for young illegals in 2012 as an election pander and he’s spent his days ever since whining that Republicans aren’t doing enough to bring adult illegals “out of the shadows.” Even when there’s a surge in illegal border crossings that could be partially solved by undoing a law that prevents kids from being summarily deported back to their home countries, he decides not to ask Congress to undo it for fear of annoying his pro-amnesty base. This is mostly his fault.

Mostly. If you’d been following U.S. immigration politics from afar since election 2012, you would have heard lots of blather by now about “reform” from prominent Republicans too, including and especially the Speaker of the House, the 2008 Republican nominee for president, and the Senate’s biggest Republican Latino star. Go figure that foreign media would have inferred that newly arrived illegals stand a better chance now of being allowed to stay in the U.S. than they have in years, partly because even the opposition party is led by people who are “hellbent” for their own political reasons to reward illegal immigration. Boehner, more than anyone outside the Chamber of Commerce on the right, shares the blame he’s pawning off on Obama. And I guarantee you: As angry as he appears to be here, he’s still quietly trying to game out a way to bring a comprehensive reform bill to the House floor without blowing up the party in the process. Maybe next year.

Oh, and the answer to the question in the headline is, “Next month, if we get another good jobs report.”