McCain: No, I'm not calling for Obama's impeachment

It’s rare that I get an actual answer to one of my exit questions, but here you go.

One of the fun things about Palin’s impeachment op-ed is how much grief it’s going to cause ol’ Mav, who palpably hates tea partiers and would surely dismiss her as a “wacko bird” along with Paul and Cruz if he wasn’t stuck defending his decision to make her his running mate. As it is, let’s look forward to a tense, constipated moment the next time he’s interviewed on TV when he’s inevitably asked about what she wrote and he’s forced to croak out a polite “I respect her opinion” between gritted teeth.

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who ran for president in 2008 with Palin as his running mate, didn’t have much to say about her call for Obama’s impeachment.

“I always respect other people’s opinions,” McCain told The Huffington Post during a hallway interview at the Capitol.

The Arizona senator said he hadn’t read Palin’s column yet and hedged on making any judgments about it before reading it. Still, he distanced himself from her stance.

“Am I proposing that the president be impeached? No,” he said.

Searching out McCain after Palin’s op-ed went viral online was an easy call for HuffPo, but if they’re smart, they won’t stop there. Like I said earlier, the point of pushing impeachment isn’t to make it happen — it won’t happen, purely by dint of the numbers in the Senate — but to set up a new conservative litmus test for Republicans. If you’re really opposed to Obama’s executive power grabs, especially on immigration, you’ll support impeachment as a matter of principle whether or not it can succeed. If I were a lefty blogger eager to make Republican senators squirm, I’d put that question to all the usual squishes: Start with Lindsey Graham, McCain’s top crony, and then work your way through McConnell and Cornyn, the Senate leadership, and the blue- and purple-staters like Mark Kirk, Susan Collins, and Rob Portman. If anyone says they support impeachment, bam — you’ve got an angle. “GOP INCHING CLOSER TO IMPEACHING FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT.” If they all decline to impeach, bam — you’ve got an angle. “GOP CIVIL WAR OVER IMPEACHING FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT.” It’s easy content. Like Rosie O’Donnell babbling about 9/11.

Exit question: If we did impeach Obama, would President Biden be any better on amnesty? Remember, this is a guy who thinks illegals are “already Americans.”