Touré: Hey, sorry for using Holocaust survivors as an example of the "power of whiteness"

We didn’t blog his original tweet because it was a holiday weekend and who needs the aggravation, but you probably saw it on some other site. If not, for the record:

Having thus proposed an exciting new strain of “white privilege” that I’m calling “Holocaust survivor privilege,” he went silent for the next three days as Twitter unloaded on him. Then, about an hour ago, he surfaced to say he’s sorry — especially for thinking that the nuances of his point would be grasped in this particular medium.

Like Ben Howe, I’d be keen to see him explore Holocaust survivor privilege at length in a format equal to the task, where he can get into detail on the comparatively lesser hardships of navigating post-war America as a Jewish man or woman who’d been interned at Auschwitz. Recommended title: “Silver Medal in the Victim Olympics.” Or better yet, deliver it as a monologue during “The Cycle.” MSNBC hosts are getting into “edgier” material lately vis-a-vis Jews and the Holocaust. This’ll fit right in.

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