Video: House Democrat destroys Shinseki, Obama over VA fiasco in floor speech

Via the Free Beacon, watch to the very end for the crucial counterpoint to Obama’s nonsense this morning. Namely, the VA’s problems are very well documented. When O harrumphs that he needs to study the problem or whatever, he’s transparently doing nothing more than buying time to plot his next move politically. He’s the guy who was calling VA wait times an “urgent” problem seven years ago. Now, suddenly, he needs a few weeks or months or years for you to lose interest to get to the bottom of all this. And the fact that it’s a Democrat, not a Republican, who’s on the floor laying that out tells me this is now a five-alarm fire inside a caucus that’s already panicked about being burned to the ground this November by Obama’s unpopularity. If he’s at 42 percent today, where’s he going to be in a month when his passivity, inaction, and — to borrow a Bush-era phrase beloved by the left — incuriosity about veterans languishing from VA corruption and sclerosis are firmly on the public’s radar? Wait until they find out that he hasn’t even formally met with Shinseki in nearly two years.

David Scott’s not the only Democrat in revolt either. Rep. John Barrow also called for Shinseki to go today, and the left’s favorite cable news network devoted the better part of a segment to explaining that underfunding, the all-purpose scapegoat whenever liberals are in a political jam, doesn’t explain why veterans are being shafted. The White House is in trouble.

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David Strom 9:31 PM on December 05, 2022