Important message from white men: We suck and we're sorry

Via TheBlaze, I hope this clip impresses every last one of the progressive women it was meant to impress and that these dudes are duly rewarded. They went the extra mile. Let me be the first to say “Up twinkles.”

My one consolation in contemplating white male privilege is that the white men who dominate Democratic campaign staffs and lefty political media and all of the really glamorous activist jobs probably feel pretty bad about it. Not enough to quit or to do much to change it, but still.

Sierra Club? White male.

Nature Conservancy? White male.

League of Conservation Voters? White male.

World Wildlife Fund? White male.

Environmental Defense Fund? White male.

Friends of the Earth? White male.

National Audubon Society? White male.

Nature Conservancy? White male.

The very top of “Big Green” is as white and male as a Tea Party meet-up. It doesn’t look like change. It doesn’t even look like America. So is it any wonder environmental groups are having trouble connecting with the public on climate change? Corporate and conservative funding of climate denial is one thing, but it’s beyond past time for the leaders of this movement to look at how their choice in leadership is affecting their strategy and messaging.

Consider that privilege checked. Exit question: On a scale from one to 10, with straight white men representing absolute suckiness and gay minority women constituting a total absence of suck, where do white women rank? About an eight, right?