Feelgood video of the year: The junkyard dog

I was going to write a post about how Jeb Bush, alleged Republican savior, is nearly 10 points behind Hillary Clinton in a state he governed for eight years, where his name recognition is sky high. But why bother with that? There’ll be plenty of time for tears and recriminations in November 2016. We should pace ourselves. Besides, now that he’s landed the endorsement of the last person in the world whose endorsement he wants, Jeb’s having a tough enough day as it is.

So instead, to cleanse the palate, here’s the feelgood video of the year. Unfortunately, the year in question is 2013; the clip”s more than four months old, but thanks to Lachlan Markay and Ace, I’m seeing it today for the first time. And now, after watching it, I think I speak for all of us in saying I need to go out right this minute and adopt 800 puppies. If you’ll excuse me.