Boehner challenger in Ohio loses job over "electile dysfunction" attack ad

“When Winteregg began his campaign,” the Daily Caller notes, “he was told by many in the political establishment that he would never work in Ohio again.” Is that what this is, establishment revenge against a guy who had the gall to make John Boehner work a little to get reelected this time?

Or did Winteregg just make an exceedingly poor choice of ad themes given the nature of his employment?

J.D. Winteregg, who’s received outside support from the Tea Party Leadership Fund in his bid for Boehner’s House seat, had been an adjunct professor at Cedarville University, a small Christian college in Cedarville, Ohio, for three years. Last week, Winteregg was told his contract would not be renewed. Winteregg, 32, said in an interview that he was dismissed after his campaign released a video parody of erectile dysfunction advertisements.

“They said because of the ad that my relationship with them will be done. It’s over,” Winteregg said Monday. “The ad obviously touched a nerve.”…

“Cedarville University does not engage in partisan politics and holds a high regard for displaying Christian values in the community. When faculty or staff members participate in political conversations, interviews, advertisements, or endorsements, they are doing so as individual citizens. Mr. Winteregg in his recent political campaign video did not represent the views or values of Cedarville University,” Weinstein said.

That’s just vague enough that I can’t tell whether it’s the fact that he ran at all that irritated them or the fact that he used an ever-so-slightly racy ad in doing so. Winteregg clearly thinks it’s the latter. But if that’s true, why’d he run the “electile dysfunction” ad at all? Realistically, he has near-zero chance of beating Boehner (although Boehner’s worried enough about being embarrassed by a close race that he’s spent money on ads this time); since the Civil War, the only sitting Speaker to lose reelection was Tom Foley in 1994, and it took a monster electoral wave from the other party to beat him. In all probability Winteregg will still be a private citizen next year, which, you would think, would steer him away from ads that might antagonize his current employer. Nope. He got some welcome attention for the “electile dysfunction” spot, replete with a thumbs up on Rush Limbaugh’s show, that likely raised his name recognition in his home district, but if he doesn’t pull the upset of the century nine days from now, he’ll be jobless and a villain to the pro-Boehner Ohio political establishment that he might otherwise try to catch on with.

Say this for the guy, at least: He’s all in. Evidently nothing was going to deter him from throwing a Hail Mary with this ad to try to win, not even the prospect of unemployment.

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