Video: Boehner mocks GOP opponents of immigration reform

I mentioned this yesterday in the McCain post but figured you’d want to watch the video, if only to see just how high his mock-falsetto can get. But then, mockery is what we reform skeptics deserve for having stained America’s honor.

Watch this clip and tell me how, having framed the issue this way, Boehner could possibly resist bringing something on immigration to the floor before 2016. I keep hearing from amnesty fans that the odds of passing something will drop after the midterms, especially if the GOP does well in November; Republicans will be too skittish to tackle this as the presidential cycle heats up, the theory goes, and conservatives will point to the midterm results as “proof” that doing nothing on immigration isn’t fatal to the party. Does Boehner sound here like a guy who might be swayed by that argument? He’s all but calling opponents cowards for fearing a political backlash from doing what he clearly believe is the right thing. (“We get elected to solve problems and it’s remarkable to me how many of my colleagues just don’t want to.”) If he doesn’t force the House to take this up this summer, I think, he’s going to insist on it in the lame-duck session or, at the latest, early next year, to make it as painless as possible for GOP presidential candidates. If he doesn’t, then he himself is the ultimate example of the “oooooh, this is too hard” holdout.

Note, by the way, that he knows there’s a camera on him. This isn’t a stray comment made to a private audience, as his “hellbent” crack from last month was. This was meant for public consumption, which makes me think maybe there really is something to the idea of GOP reform fans concertedly speaking out in favor ahead of the big push. Exit quotation from a House Republican: “Most members see the leadership as being supportive of Gang of Eight-style reform. We continually hear that once most primaries are over, the leadership will move forward with comprehensive reform.”