Just a reminder: You're old

To cleanse the palate, a viral sensation from the Fine brothers that’s equal parts adorable and you-don’t-have-terribly-long-to-live. I admire their restraint in not pulling this stunt with a CD player, just to heighten the viewer’s mortality panic. I got my first player for Christmas as a kid; my first CD was, of course, “Slippery When Wet,” because the sound quality of cassettes simply couldn’t do justice to an intricate tune like “You Give Love a Bad Name.” Presumably these kids could figure out a CD player based on their passing acquaintance with Blu-Rays, but that won’t last much longer in an age of Netflix and iTunes. Frankly, I figure we’re maybe 15 years away from being able to replicate this video with books instead of Walkmans.

Say what you will about the lowly portable cassette player, but all it did was destroy your hearing, not melt your brain.

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