Open thread: Sunday morning talking heads

Time for a round of “hawk or dove?” with the least predictable man in the GOP. Rand Paul will be on “This Week” to chat up his idea to arm America’s pilots in the cockpit but Stephanopoulos will be more interested in quizzing him on the stuff Mother Jones dug up from his 2009 campaign. Does he really think Dick Cheney supported invading Iraq because it would benefit Halliburton? Is his position on torture these days the same as it was when he was running for Senate? Paul can get testy when he’s pressed on subjects he doesn’t want to talk about so this one could be fun.

Your best bet besides that is “Face the Nation,” where Elijah Cummings will be on to try to explain why his staff was quietly seeking information on a conservative nonprofit from Lois Lerner. Marsha Blackburn will be on too to preview the Blackburn 2016 campaign. (Really!) The full line-up is at Politico.