MSNBC host: The real target in the IRS scandal is ... the IRS

Just before I hit play at Mediaite, this floated through my Twitter timeline:

Good luck parodying this one. Evidently there’s no sin so grave that it can’t be forgiven at MSNBC in the name of making life more difficult for conservative 501(c)(4) groups. Doesn’t matter that Lois Lerner’s been caught daydreaming about working for Obama’s political org while pursuing audits of outfits like American Crossroads. Doesn’t matter that she shared info with a Democratic congressman about a right-leaning GOTV group that was targeted by the IRS. Doesn’t matter that filthy-rich left-wing outside groups like Priorities USA weren’t similarly hassled by the IRS, even though some big-name Democrats concede they’re just as problematic as righty Super PACs. And of course it doesn’t matter that Wagner herself is an alum of the Center for American Progress, which has — or should have — its own problems under the 501(c)(3) rules. Lois Lerner’s sin, if she committed any sin, was being too zealous in trying to slay the dragon of Citizens United.

American politics must be purged of the influence big money holds over it. Let’s start with penny-ante tea-party groups and work our way up from there. Click the image to watch.