Iowa Senate candidate's appealing new pitch: I will blow your balls off

Via the Daily Caller, no worries: You’re safe as long as you’re not a lethal predator. If you’re keeping score, by the way, this makes two separate ads in this race that refer to severed testicles. The first was Joni Ernst’s reminiscence about castrating pigs on the family farm as a girl. She now leads the Republican primary field despite being outspent 100-1 on television ads. All that’s left is for Democrat Bruce Braley to cut an ad describing his days as a trial lawyer spent metaphorically tearing corporate fatcats’ nuts off. Maybe that’ll return him to Iowans’ good graces after the recent … unpleasantness.

The weirdest thing about this isn’t the “balls” line, it’s the background to it. This guy’s sister was in fact killed and dismembered by her husband, who pled guilty to voluntary manslaughter and abuse of a corpse in 1999 and was released from prison(!) in 2011. At the time, he intended to move back to Wisconsin to be closer to his sons, a prospect that naturally terrified Quast. He said then:

Craft, who’s 48, is now at a halfway house in Allen County, according to Quast. He says the convicted felon is required to wear a tether for the next 90 days and is also required to look for a job.

Quast still has concerns. “He has time to murder my entire family in Whitewater, come back, drive back from Whitewater, Wisconsin, and tell you ‘Oops. I didn’t find a job today,'” he says.

Point being, when he warns the “sociopath” who killed his sister in the clip about not showing up at his door on pain of his having his sack removed, he’s not speaking figuratively. He really does worry that this guy might knock someday. No wonder he’s a big Second Amendment advocate.

Exit question: Cruz/Quast 2016? (No, he’s a Democrat. Drat.)