Video: Meet your 2014 CPAC blogger of the year

I knew her back in the day when she was a Townhall staffer cranking out “HamNation” videos. Just look at her now: Fox News contributor, guest host on “The View,” and blogger of the year at conservative America’s biggest powwow. Somewhere Bill O’Reilly’s watching this and thinking, “Maybe you can succeed with weed.”

This is, by the way, the second time an HA staffer’s won the award. Ed won it a few years ago. Mary Katharine won it today. Eventually Erika will win it. And then…

…and then we’ll have three. Heheh.

Congrats to the Hammer on the well-deserved recognition. And yes, in case Bill O is reading this, she did indeed celebrate this afternoon by trying to corrupt America’s youth.

Update (Ed): I want to add my own congratulations to my friend and colleague Mary Katharine. She’s living proof that good things happen to good people, but more importantly, good people don’t wait for things to happen — they make good things happen. By the way, our Townhall colleague Katie Pavlich won this a couple of years ago, too. When I use the term “Salem All-Stars,” Katie, Mary Katharine, and Guy Benson are at the forefront. I couldn’t be prouder.