Open thread: Sunday morning talking heads

Set those DVRs: It’s always a capital-e Event when Susan Rice hits the Sunday shows to push some misleading White House spin. She’ll be on “Meet the Press” this morning to warn Viktor Yanukovych and his pal Vladimir that they’d better not cross Obama’s red line in Ukraine or else we’ll … just have to look the other way and pretend that they haven’t.

If you’d rather wait and watch the Rice segment in a week or two after some new fact’s emerged to prove that she lied, flip to “This Week” and watch Dubya chat with Stephanopoulos about his presidency in retrospect. An obvious question at the moment: What exactly did Bush see in Putin’s “soul” the first time they met? (Actually, Bush has already explained that.)

Meanwhile, Scott Walker will be on “Fox News Sunday” to patiently remind the media yet again that the big scandal they’re babbling about this week is a juicy, if stale, nothingburger. The full line-up is at Politico.