Open thread: U.S. vs. Canada in Olympic hockey semifinal

Noon ET on NBC Sports, or you can watch the livestream online by logging in via your cable-provider username and password. For hockey fans, it’s a rematch of the scintillating 2010 gold-medal game between two evergreen powerhouses. For the other 97 percent of us, it’s a magical brew of nationalism and revenge for not one but two overtime heartbreaks. According to Gallup, 93 percent of Americans rate Canada favorably; if they beat the U.S. again, that number could sink to the high 80s. Stakes are high.

The winner gets Sweden, which survived the Scandinavian version of U.S./Canada in the other semifinal, for the gold on Sunday. The U.S. has made it to the finals twice in the past 30 years but hasn’t won it all since Miracle on Ice. While we wait, enjoy this dissection of possible shenanigans in the judging for last night’s women’s figure skating finals. Experts seem shocked that a Russian skater, on Russian ice, somehow outpointed Yuna Kim and Carolina Kostner, the favorites. Could there be … corruption at Sochi?

Update: Here’s the livestream.

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