Video: Who's up for a mass wedding at the Grammys?

Via Breitbart, nothing says “sacred commitment” like making your wedding the backdrop for an awards show’s self-congratulatory publicity stunt. The couples here are a mix of straight and gay but this is a statement about same-sex marriage, obviously; why anyone who supports that, as I do, would want it showcased at a celebrity freak show is beyond me. It plays into the critique that the pro-SSM movement has more to do with making a fashionably transgressive cultural statement than letting gays participate as equal citizens in middle America’s social institutions. As tacky as it is to have Macklemore playing at the reception on your big day, it’s worse to have your ceremony be the entertainment at his. And the punchline, of course, is that this barely qualifies as transgressive anymore. A majority of the country supports legalizing gay marriage, and among the young adults likely to be watching this show, it’s a heavy majority. Leave it to the Grammys, the awards show that’s traditionally been a step behind public taste, to try to shock the heartland with something that hasn’t been shocking for a good five years.

Oh well. At least the elderly Madonna impersonator near the end was convincing.