Video: Meet "The Kronies"

Finally, an answer to one of the great questions of modern politics: What would the cartoons of the 80s have been like if they’d been produced by Peter Schweizer?

Anyone know who’s behind this? It’s very clever and unusually elaborate. Not only is there a “Kronies” website replete with individual videos for each character, when you click the “Chimera Global Holdings Inc.” link at the bottom of the page there, it takes you to a second, entirely different but equally clever and elaborate webpage goofing on cronyism. Someone put a lot of money and thought into this; the animation and music are of far higher quality than they need to be to make this joke. (Plus, action figures!) When I google for info, though, nothing turns up except people like me posting the clips and giggling over them. A domain lookup reveals nothing either.

I assume, in light of the “Parts & Labor” character, that it’s not a lefty outfit that’s behind it.