Richard Sherman: Hey, Michael Crabtree started it

Everyone knows who those two are and what “it” is, right? If not (really?), Ed will get you caught up in the Greenroom. Simple question this morning: Was that interview just Sherman being Sherman or is there bad blood between him and Crabtree? Simple answer: Yes.

Personally, while I enjoy watching large men spend hours hitting each other with the impact force of minor car crashes, I expect some decorum afterward, damn it.

I ran over to Crabtree to shake his hand but he ignored me. I patted him, stuck out my hand and said, “Good game, good game.” That’s when he shoved my face, and that’s when I went off…

But that’s not why I don’t like the man. It goes back to something he said to me this offseason in Arizona, but you’d have to ask him about that. A lot of what I said to Andrews was adrenaline talking, and some of that was Crabtree. I just don’t like him.

It was loud, it was in the moment, and it was just a small part of the person I am. I don’t want to be a villain, because I’m not a villainous person. When I say I’m the best cornerback in football, it’s with a caveat: There isn’t a great defensive backfield in the NFL that doesn’t have a great front seven. Everything begins with pressure up front, and that’s what we get from our pass rushers every Sunday. To those who would call me a thug or worse because I show passion on a football field—don’t judge a person’s character by what they do between the lines. Judge a man by what he does off the field, what he does for his community, what he does for his family.

He’s an egomaniac — for good reason — but no, of course he’s not always in game mode and no, he’s not above giving credit where it’s due. Follow the link above to his SI piece and you’ll find him with nothing but praise for the Broncos. I think his issue here really is with Crabtree specifically. I didn’t see Crabtree shove him in the face after the play, but yep, he did; no doubt there’s more to that than Sherman’s letting on (if you really think all he said was “good game,” watch the clip below of RS discussing on-field trash talk from early last year) but the bad sportsmanship runs two ways. Sherman’s just the one who ended up with a mic in front of him five minutes later. If anything, his big sin here was singling out a player for derision whom not enough fans hate. If instead he had called Tom Brady a punk who throws like a girl (which he’s kinda sorta done before), 90 percent of the country would have been high-fiving on their couches.

Easy prediction: Before the month of February is out, Sherman will end up in a commercial ranting about how, say, Burger King is a sorry excuse for a fast-food restaurant and then digging into a Big Mac with a giant smile.