"Homeland" grumble thread: Hang 'em high

I need to break with tradition and do a non-Walking Dead grumble thread because I’m desperate for answers. Did I miss something or did we never find out who the Langley bomber was? When I tweeted that question last night, various people tweeted back that we did find out: The bomber was the guy in the motel room who got shot in the head by Leland Bennett’s assistant, right after Carrie was shot in the shoulder by Quinn. But … that can’t be true. We never even learned his name! He had maybe three lines before he was liquidated. I thought for sure he was a patsy. The whole point of the big season two cliffhanger, I thought, was that the bomber must have been, or at least had help from, someone inside the CIA to get the bomb so close to such a target-rich environment. Was Peter Quinn, disaffected by his work at the agency, the secret accomplice? Was it the mysterious Dar Adal? Was it Lockhart, whose ruthless ambition to become director might have led him to eliminate David Estes? Was it — gasp — Saul, executing the same sort of “kill your superiors” strategy that landed Javadi at the top of the IRGC? Maybe it was Brody, his essential evil imperceptible to the love-blind Carrie. I thought for a second last night that Javadi, who’d teased Carrie before with a big reveal about who the bomber was, was going to tell her that it really was Brody all along. But no, evidently it was Extra #3. Why’d he do it? Was it for money or was he a jihadi? No one in the fictional CIA or the “Homeland” writing room seems to care anymore, which is why I’m all but done caring too.

But maybe this is my fault, just like it’s my fault to keep demanding that “The Walking Dead” be something other than a soap opera. The writers clearly have a vision for their show and it’s not mine. You’ve gotta be what you are and “Homeland,” at this point, has succeeded at that. It’s camp, by design. How else to explain that corny conversation between Carrie and Brody in the Iranian safehouse last night? Or Carrie drawing in the missing star on the Langley wall of honor, which might as well have included a “C.M. + N.B. 4ev” message”? Or the whole “can a new mom really have it all while running America’s Middle Eastern intelligence apparatus” subplot? Or, worst of all, that ridiculous exchange between Carrie and Javadi on the day of Brody’s execution, where Javadi comforted her about having helped the whole agency to see Brody the way she sees him? This is the guy who’s supposed to be in charge of Iranian international terrorism, who severed his ex-wife’s jugular with a broken bottle, and he sounded like the gay best friend in a bad romantic comedy. They could have regained my respect last night by doing one of two things: Either mindfark us with some shocking revelation about who the Langley bomber was/is or have the Iranians hang Carrie too and pivot the show next season to “Peter Quinn, Secret Agent.” Instead we got Saul and his wife eating breakfast moussaka in Santorini. Okay, guys. Got it. You’ve given up. I have too.

As for Brody, be grateful. Damian Lewis deserves better than this.

If you’re wondering whether I watch any shows that I actually enjoy, the answer is yes. “The Returned” is fantastic, even though I’m starting to detect an ominous Twin Peaks-ish lurch towards introducing weird stuff that the writers have either no intention or no ability to explain. Fingers crossed.

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