Hot news topic of the week: Is Santa white?

This story fills my bloggy heart with dread, not because of what it’s about but because of the timing. If news is so slow two weeks out from Christmas that Fox News’s 9 p.m. hour needs to fill airtime with a panel on whether a fictional character is or should be Caucasian, what’s it going to be like next week? What am I going to write about? If you don’t think HA is capable of pivoting instantly during a news drought to a format that’s 75-80 percent devoted to atheism and the “Walking Dead,” just wait, my friends. I’m already working on my intro post for Monday: “If God exists, why hasn’t someone eaten Sheriff Rick yet?”

Anyway. You’ve read my mind, John Podhoretz:

Three thoughts. One: This is sort of like the ObamaCare debate, no? Liberals identify some legit flaws in the current system, but then, in their mad social-engineering ambition to solve the problem, end up replacing it with something stupid. Two: If we’re going to devote valuable media time to whether certain cultural institutions are too white, aren’t there better places to start? Three: Whatever race you happen to think Santa is, can we all at least agree that he’s a liberal? I take no pleasure in drawing that conclusion but it is what it is. The guy hands out presents that others have paid for and then expects to be celebrated for it. His last name might as well be Kennedy. Get a job, Santa. Exit question: Warren/Claus 2016?

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