The obligatory "Obama enjoying himself at Mandela's funeral, Michelle not so much" post

I appealed to Providence to deliver some real news today so that I wouldn’t be reduced to blogging something you’ve already seen on 20 different sites. But alas, no news was to be found.

And so the atheists win again, my friends.

Three possibilities. One: FLOTUS looks sour because, let’s face it, she usually looks sour. Two: FLOTUS looks sour because, unlike some people, she knows that state funerals aren’t the time for goofing off with your geopolitical BFFs.

Three: Ahem.

I think what’s going on there between the second and third photos is simply Obama having left his seat to deliver his eulogy and then returned to find Michelle having slid over into his spot to make conversation with the PM. But admittedly, there are … alternative explanations:

If nothing else good comes out of this, at least the “Selfies at Funerals” guy came out of retirement for one last post. Exit question: Dude?

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