Obama on ObamaCare: There's no way we're repealing this boondoggle while I'm president, America

Is this really the message Democrats wanted him to put out today, when news outlets are filled with stories about rate shock, glitchy enrollments, and catastrophic security lapses? I thought the headline was supposed to be “ObamaCare is wonderful,” not “There’s nothing you can do.” Good lord. This feels like a communique from Two-Face to Gotham city:


The clip shows him engaged in a common lie, that there are no conservative alternatives to ObamaCare, but that’s probably his best play from a weak hand. If you think something should be done about the health-care system, well, ObamaCare qualifies as “something.” Even if it all goes to hell next year, at least he tried, right? Maybe that’ll save a Senate seat or two for Democrats. He also assured his audience today that O-Care will help reduce the number of uninsured in America, which might eventually be true but surely isn’t true at the moment. As Jim Geraghty notes, the number of people forced out of their old plans and onto the exchanges by HHS’s ObamaCare regs greatly exceeds the number of new enrollees right now, and even some substantial segment of the latter is unhappy with the terms of the new coverage they’ve obtained. Even now, after the media’s finally awakened from its coma and begun to clue people in to the fact that ObamaCare is basically a wealth transfer from the healthy and middle class to the sick and lower class, he refuses to sell it that way. He wants a gold star for shifting the former into pricey “comprehensive” plans that they never asked for in the first place. You’re welcome, America.

Never forget, for all his hyperventilating about the junk insurance that Americans were supposedly stuck with before the dawn of this boondoggle, his idea of improving health care for the poor is to expand the junkiest insurance of all.