Pelosi: I've never met anyone who liked their insurance plan

Via John McCormack, you should watch all of this but at least skip to 4:50 for Pelosi’s part. What she thought she was accomplishing here, I have no idea. We’ve spent the past two weeks watching a Category Five political sh*tstorm descend on the White House, fueled by story after story in the media about people who are irate over having their coverage dropped. The problem’s severe enough that the president of the United States had to hold a presser yesterday at which he proposed a “fix” that’ll actually make his signature policy initiative less sustainable economically, just to stop Democratic incumbents in Congress from abandoning him entirely. And standing in the middle of all this is Pelosi, musing aloud that for all the angst among voters about mass cancellations, she personally has … never met a soul who liked their coverage. Not one. Which, she says, is why she herself never made the “if you like your plan” promise — a lie, as it turns out, per McCormack’s post. But see, this is why I grudgingly have more respect for her than for The One. She’s completely committed to the boondoggle she foisted on America, to the point where she’s willing to tell a room full of reporters with a straight face something that would have produced a good three or four days’ worth of “out of touch” coverage if a Republican had said it. She’s like DeNiro at the end of “Cape Fear,” staring at Nick Nolte as the water keeps rising. You might beat her but you’ll never break her.

Case in point: Here’s what her office is circulating this afternoon.

The only meaningful difference between Upton’s plan and the “Landrieu-lite” plan being pushed by the House Democratic leadership is that Upton’s bill lets insurers sell un-canceled plans to new customers too, not just to those whose coverage has been dropped. The Democratic bill will thus mitigate the effects of adverse selection somewhat, but it too keeps the “broken market” in place by allowing the sale of “sub-standard” policies just like Upton’s proposal does. That’s the big takeaway here — every proposal on the table, from Upton’s to Obama’s to Landrieu’s to “Landrieu-lite,” is a rebuke to the core redistributive idea of ObamaCare, i.e. forcing healthy people into more expensive coverage to subsidize the sick. Democrats wanted cancellations by the millions; the more “young healthies” who are gouged, the more sustainable the law is. The fact that Pelosi’s office is now circulating a side-by-side “keep your plan” comparison between Republican and Democratic is the height of dishonesty insofar as it suggests they ever hoped people would keep their plans in the first place. She’s never met a person who liked their old plan. Why would she care which side has the better idea to keep those old plans intact? But that’s Nancy for you. She’s going down fighting. No apologies.

Do try to watch the whole thing if you have time, though. They’re still selling this as something they’re doing for healthy people rather than at their expense.

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John Sexton 10:00 PM on June 02, 2023