Video: Gonzaga students placed on probation for defending themselves with legally owned handgun

Via RCP. They live in an apartment building owned by the school and the rules governing school property are clear: If a man convicted of six felonies is unhappy that you won’t give him money, grab a blunt instrument and hope for the best. Or give him the money. That might work too. Might.

The two kids were initially facing expulsion for having a handgun on campus but the backlash has been so fast and so ferocious that Gonzaga’s president is now proposing that it reexamine its policy on guns. Not only haven’t they been expelled, they weren’t so much as suspended; they’ve been placed on probation, GU’s concession to the letter of the law. (They’re appealing that ruling.) Why the school thought to pursue action against them in the first place given the certainty of bad press they’d earn by doing so, I have no idea. Maybe they were caught between two constituencies. There probably are gun-control fans on campus, either faculty or students or both, who are outrageously outraged that these two brought one of those things on campus even though it may well have saved both their lives. If you’re a university apparatchik eager to remain in good standing in the community, you usually can’t go wrong erring on the side of insane liberal outcomes. This was a rare misfire, no pun intended.