Video: For some strange reason, Sebelius thinks it'd be illegal for her to buy coverage on the ObamaCare exchanges

She already has insurance as a federal employee, ergo, it’s illegal for her to sign up on the exchanges for a newly minted ObamaCare-approved plan. Wait, what?

And so we return once again to the central theme of the last month: Knowing lie or simple incompetence?


It makes clear elsewhere on the website that you don’t need to sign up if you already have insurance through your job, but even there it specifies that “If you’d like to explore Marketplace coverage options you can.” Easy peasy: Just drop your current insurance (and thus forgo the subsidy you get from your employer towards your premiums) and pick up the glorious, expensive “comprehensive” coverage that liberal hacks have been mumbling about all week as a consolation prize for Obama’s big lie about keeping your plan if you like it. As far as I know, the only exclusion Sebelius would face on the exchanges is that she’s not entitled to taxpayer subsidies. She earns too much each year for that. But as lots and lots and lots of Americans are discovering, just because you make too much to qualify for subsidization doesn’t mean you’re exempt from signing up for a plan on the exchanges. Why the Secretary of HHS would suggest anything to the contrary, I have no idea.

Here’s the clip via the Corner. Exit question: Does Sebelius finally decide she wants to spend more time with her family before or after New Year’s?