Open thread: Sunday morning talking heads

Your reward for suffering through a week’s worth of shutdown talking points from both sides is a Sunday morning packed with shutdown talking points from both sides. Ted Cruz will be on CNN, Rand Paul will be on NBC, and Treasury Secretary Jack Lew will be everywhere — all five shows, to hammer the Democrats’ message that hitting the debt ceiling would indeed bring about the Biblical End Times. The only one worth watching, though, is Boehner on ABC, since that’s the only one likely to generate real news. Is it true that he has no strategy? What’s his countermove to Pelosi’s discharge petition to end the shutdown? Is National Review right that the big Republican “ask” in debt-ceiling negotiations will be modest entitlement reform and something to do with the tax code, not ObamaCare? Only Boehner, and the Book of Revelation, know.

Speaking of which, Peter King will be on “Fox News Sunday” to assure viewers that Cruz just might be the antichrist. The full line-up is at Politico.

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