Bad news from Politico: Dr. Seuss would have hated Ted Cruz

I thought the grassroots attempt to get Cruz ceremonially expelled from an intellectual class to which he obviously doesn’t belong would be the most inane shot taken at him today, but no. No, apparently, Politico decided that Cruz reading “Green Eggs and Ham” to his kids on the Senate floor required the journo equivalent of Marshall McLuhan tapping that guy on the shoulder in “Annie Hall” to tell him he knows nothing of his work.

But yeah, for what little it’s worth, this is undoubtedly true:

“Not only would [Seuss] be offended at the misuse of ‘Green Eggs and Ham,’ but he’d be offended at almost everything that Ted Cruz stands for, which is to remove the safety net from poor people, poor and vulnerable people, he’s clearly more power hungry than he is compassionate and he’s a bully,” Dr. Peter Dreier, a professor of politics at Occidental College.

“Without a doubt, if Dr. Seuss were still around today, he would be poking fun at and criticizing Ted Cruz,” Dreier said…

“‘Green Eggs and Ham’ is about trying new things and giving it a chance and being open to change, right? And here’s Ted Cruz trying to stop Obamacare, really before it gets going,” Dreier said.

Here’s the quick-and-dirty Wikipedia section on Dr. Seuss the polemicist, replete with a charming footnote about how angry he was when the pro-life movement started using the line “A person’s a person, no matter how small” from “Horton Hears a Who.” He was an FDR Democrat and wasn’t above repurposing his books for easy anti-Nixon humor. He would, almost certainly, have loathed Ted Cruz. Maybe not as much as some people in Cruz’s own party, one of whom is now going around accusing Cruz of “governmental terrorism,” but still.

Anyway, two reasons to post something this stupid. One: It’s a minor illustration of the obnoxiousness of what Sonny Bunch at the Free Beacon calls “the politicized life.” Dreier, a man of the left himself, is obviously irritated to see right-wing gargoyle Cruz doing something that every parent in America, liberal or conservative, has done at one point or another. You’d think a Dr. Seuss fan would be pleased to see him given a plum spot on a stage like this, especially since Cruz didn’t try to appropriate Seuss’s message for his own cause. (That fell to Democrats like Chuck Schumer, as you’ll see below.) But no, Cruz is the devil and therefore him reading Seuss to his kids on TV can’t pass uncommented-upon. And two: It gives me an excuse to link the single most charming element of last night’s marathon speech. If you didn’t catch this photo on Twitter when it was posted, make amends now. Adorable.

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