George W. Bush: Let Obama play golf

To cleanse the palate, via the Hill. You weren’t expecting anything different, were you? Offhand I can’t think of a single jab Dubya’s thrown at O in four years since leaving office. There must have been some temptation here, too, after Michael Moore and the left mocked him for the callousness of the “now watch this drive” clip despite Bush having quit golf in 2003 because it “sent the wrong signal” while the Iraq war was raging. Obama’s flirted with moments like that of his own, pausing briefly while on vacation last month to condemn the massacre being perpetrated by America’s military allies in Egypt before hitting the links for another round. Less than an hour after shocking the Hill by announcing a crucial, do-or-die bid for congressional approval on bombing Syria, he was back playing golf instead of calling members of Congress to twist arms. None of that here from Bush. The guy needs an outlet, golf is his outlet, there you go. Imagine how Obama must have reacted when he heard the news.

How about this as a compromise in not needling the guy for golfing: Benchmarks. U-6 rate of 11.5 percent of lower and America back in the top 15 most economically free countries in the world. You can do it, champ!

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