Video: The freaky deaky Generation Opportunity anti-ObamaCare ads

Via Yahoo News, the hardest trick in making your case on health-care policy is first getting the public to pay attention. Mission accomplished. I laughed, but that’s because Uncle Sam here reminds me of the Burger King and the thought of the King hanging around exam rooms giving out prostate exams is funny and … oddly plausible, actually. You didn’t think he was crawling into bed with guys because he was that much of a fan of the Double Croissanwich, did you? An ironclad rule of advertising: If your mascot’s face is frozen in a maniacal plastic grin, he’s thinking about probing people. Hence the creepy/goofy effectiveness of this one.

Generation Opportunity is, by the way, funded in part by the Koch brothers, so as much as I wish them success selling the opt-out approach on college campuses — the fewer healthy young people buy insurance, the less money there’ll be to keep insurance companies solvent, and the more frantically O-Care backers will need to “repair” the law — they’re destined to be beset by leftist protesters shrieking about “the Kochtopus.” Ah well. If there’s any truth to the e-mail that InstaGlenn got this morning, the wheels will be flying off the ObamaCare train before the opt-out strategy ever becomes an issue.

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