Piers Morgan: On second thought, does it really matter what kind of gun was used at the Navy Yard?

Is there anyone in American media who trolls more people with less effort than this insufferable wanker? I’m not even mad. It’s a talent. If you don’t have an actual fan base, the logical thing to do when you’re not playing pattycake with celebrities is to seize a hot-button issue with both hands and start a fight over it at every opportunity. If America ever did ban guns, his first tweet the next morning would be about how, if you think about it, abortion really should be available up to and including the start of labor.

Last night’s talking point: The Navy Yard shooting proves once again why we need to get rid of “assault weapons” like the AR-15. Today’s talking point, now that we know there were no “assault weapons” involved:

There’s no “confusion.” The FBI confirmed hours ago to his own network that Alexis had a shotgun and two pistols. This is simply Piers being unwilling to eat two scoops of sh*t publicly for his demagoguery yesterday. But in his defense, he’s far from alone among media gun-grabbers in that regard. And if it makes you feel better, this new tweet at least represents what’s obviously his honest view. No one who believes what Morgan believes about guns would stop logically at “assault weapons.” They’re merely a foot in the regulatory door. If Piers had his way, at a minimum we’d be talking about a ban on all semiautomatics. Not that that would have stopped Alexis either.

Via Noah Rothman, as of noon ET today, MSNBC was still running a graphic of Alexis wielding an AR-15 instead of a shotgun or pistol. Of course.


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