Video: The greatest political ad ever?

I Greenroomed it this morning, but in hindsight it deserves better. If this guy had only emerged, dripping wet, from a lake to make his pitch, then the GR treatment might have been fine. But to emerge, dripping wet, from a lake with a cup of coffee in hand — and then get a refill before re-submerging? That kind of inspiration needs a bigger platform. In an age when voters crave authenticity from their leaders, it doesn’t get any more … “authentic” than this. All that’s missing is the “Cops” theme song.

He’s a Democrat, alas. He’s also apparently Aquaman. Exit question for “Mr. Show” fans: Doesn’t this feel like a lost “Ronnie Dobbs runs for mayor” skit? If Ronnie were played by Bob Odenkirk?

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David Strom 6:01 PM on March 29, 2023