Corporate execs responsible for thousands of layoffs send letter to Congress calling for ... immigration reform

You know the old saying about illegals doing the jobs Americans won’t do? Sometimes the reason Americans “won’t” do them is because they’ve been escorted from the premises by security after cleaning out their desks.

The good news? Corporate America’s doing its part to make sure newly legalized illegals don’t end up on welfare. The bad news? Given the state of the Obama economy, the citizens they laid off are probably already cashing unemployment checks.

The officials represent companies with a vast array of business interests: General Electric, The Walt Disney Company, Marriott International, Hilton Worldwide, Hyatt Hotels Corporation, McDonald’s Corporation, The Wendy’s Company, Coca-Cola, The Cheesecake Factory, Johnson & Johnson, Verizon Communications, Hewlett-Packard, General Mills, and many more. All want to see increases in immigration levels for low-skill as well as high-skill workers, in addition to a path to citizenship for the millions of immigrants currently in the U.S. illegally…

In addition, at the same time the corporate officers seek higher numbers of immigrants, both low-skill and high-skill, many of their companies are laying off thousands of workers.

For example, Hewlett-Packard, whose Executive Vice President for Human Resources Tracy Keogh signed the letter, laid off 29,000 employees in 2012. In August of this year, Cisco Systems, whose Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer Kathleen Weslock signed the letter, announced plans to lay off 4,000 — in addition to 8,000 cut in the last two years. United Technologies, whose Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Organization Elizabeth B. Amato signed the letter, announced layoffs of 3,000 this year. American Express, whose Chief Human Resources Officer L. Kevin Cox signed the letter, cut 5,400 jobs this year. Procter & Gamble, whose Chief Human Resources Officer Mark F. Biegger signed the letter, announced plans to cut 5,700 jobs in 2012.

In fairness, the money saved from paying lower wages to legalized illegals can be used to expand operations, which means creating more jobs … which will presumably also be filled by newly legalized illegals. But who knows? Maybe there’ll be a few crappy part-time jobs created too that can be staffed by Americans who don’t mind reduced hours in the name of ObamaCare compliance.

By the way, has Syria finally killed off amnesty, at least for the rest of the year? Reform advocates are nervous that there’s too much on Congress’s plate and too little time left in the session to get through it for the GOP to take up a hot potato like immigration when they don’t have to. The silver lining if the GOP had voted for a Syria attack is that it would have made them wary about further angering the base by voting for amnesty too, but now that that’s off the table, they still have some political capital to spend. Will there be any left after the bound-to-disappoint debt-ceiling saga plays out? Fingers crossed for “no”!

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