Video: The freaky deaky "SWAT schoolbus drill" clip

Via Lachlan Markay and Radley Balko, there’s a suggestion floating around that the kids didn’t know this was a drill but … I’m pretty sure that’s not true. The only solid news story I can find on it was posted a week ago and that one treats it as a curio, devoting just five paragraphs to it. The story itself says nothing about the kids on the bus not knowing what was coming; that claim appears to spring from one boy in the clip saying, almost as an aside, “I didn’t know what was going on at the start.” I didn’t take that as him saying he thought it was real, though, I took it as him saying that he didn’t know when the drill would begin or what it would look like. And the kid doesn’t look upset either. None of the kids do. How likely is it that that would be the case if they didn’t know it was coming? How likely is it that a bunch of school administrators would not only ignore the tremendous liability they would face from putting unknowing kids through this, but actually sit there on folding chairs while the whole thing played out? And how likely is it that a news affiliate would gloss over the fact that the kids didn’t know to report on this as some sort of amusing, if eccentric, safety drill?

But wait — listen to what the reporter says at the beginning about the fear being real and that, for some on the bus, it’s a “nightmare turned into reality.” Did the kids know? Why the hell are school districts holding SWAT raid exercises anyway?