Ted Cruz: I'm not going to get into a legal debate about whether I'm also a Canadian citizen

Oddly enough, per DrewM, the media’s suddenly very interested in this subject and would indeed like to debate it. From where does this newfound respectability for Birtherism spring, I wonder. Byproduct of a typically slow August news month? Or just hassling a conservative with presidential buzz whom they loathe, maybe partly as payback for anti-Obama Birthers hassling Precious for his own birth certificate for so long?

Via Mediaite and MFP, here’s Cruz on the radio this morning recusing himself from further debate on the subject. That’s wise, and I agreed with Ed’s take this morning that he was probably just tweaking the media in deciding to release his birth certificate. But I don’t see the logic in having his spokesman then deny that he’s a dual American-Canadian citizen by birth, as he almost certainly is under Canadian law. That only encourages lefty media to challenge him on it, which in turn will fuel “Can we trust a dual citizen as commander-in-chief?” hysteria on the fringe. Maybe he’s better off doing a just-in-case-I’m-Canadian citizenship renunciation now, to check the box. Four months, no problem. Start the new year off finally free and clear of Ottawa’s sinister America-sabotaging influence.

In other news from a bored, Cruz-hating media, some of his liberal classmates at Princeton didn’t like him.

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