Weiner's sext partner: He's not who I thought he was

Who did she think he was? Was she in a coma in the summer of 2011?

As a matter of fact, per John Sexton, she was A-OK with Weiner’s compulsive sexting and lying back when it didn’t involve her:

When Weiner was caught in almost exactly the same situation two years ago, Leathers reportedly wrote that he “did not do anything worthy of resignation.” She also wrote “Weiner can continue sending d*** pics every single day for the rest of his life as long as he continues to legislate like he does. I decided.” Weiner apparently agreed.

What changed Leathers’ mind? Is it the lying? Well, in that case let me point out that Weiner lied before. In fact, he lied repeatedly to everyone for about a week until Andrew Breitbart forced him to admit the truth. Why didn’t Leathers get it then that Weiner was not a praiseworthy figure?

One: Weiner never “legislated.” That’s the core reason why he’s polled consistently worse than Spitzer. Spitzer has an actual resume to run on if you can get past his whoring and family betrayals. Weiner’s resume is going on Fox News and bickering with Megyn Kelly. Two: We’re talking here about a guy whose self-control issues are so notorious that even Alec Baldwin — Alec Baldwin — thinks they’re disqualifying. She must have had some dim idea that he was married while this was going on given the media’s endless, inexplicable cooing over how amazing and accomplished his wife supposedly is. If that didn’t clue her in, how about the fact that the Facebook account he was using to message her had a photo of him, Huma, and their new baby?

Why is she speaking up now, anyway? Evidently their “relationship” started to fall apart in April; she kept quiet until now, presumably to maximize the damage as he became a serious contender in the primary. But why try to maximize the damage at all? Is it the fact that he promised to get her a condo and maybe a job at Politico and didn’t follow through? Or is this routine revenge for being jilted? I’m skeptical of the latter given the nature of the relationship but, via the Corner, here’s a surreal tidbit from her interview with “Inside Edition”:

Q: “You told Anthony Weiner that you loved him?
A: “Yes”
Q: “Did he tell you he loved you?”
A: “Yes.”

She had no reason not to believe him. He was forced to resign from Congress in disgrace after sexting with numerous women and then lying about it for weeks on end, and now he was planning a run for mayor of New York with his Clinton-confidante pregnant wife by his side. Obviously this was a guy who might realistically drop everything and commit himself to her, no?

Don’t be too hard on her, though. This isn’t the first time she fell in love with a prominent Democrat only to find that he’s an embarrassing liar and a total disappointment. She worked on Obama’s campaign in 2008. Exit question for “House of Cards” fans: Leathers says Weiner is the Frank Underwood to her Zoe. Is that right? He seems more like a Peter Russo to me — ambitious, but too flawed to get anywhere.