Nancy Grace: Now Zimmerman's free to go to Taco Bell every night and eat churros; Update: Bad rap

Via Mediaite. Normally I’d call this a palate cleanser, but since it’s Nancy Grace, it’s more like someone taking a dump in your brain.

Did I miss something during the trial (or before) about Zimmerman being a fan of Taco Bell? Was he eating a churro on the night of the confrontation with Martin? I’m trying to give her the benefit of the doubt by assuming that she’s referencing a detail from the case that I’m unfamiliar with, but googling turns up nothing. Look at it this way, I guess: There’s at least one commentator out there who’s not trying to frame this in crude “white versus black” terms. Nancy prefers the more subtle “Latino versus black” narrative.

Next on “Nancy Grace”: Is America safe with an armed George Zimmerman lurking in the shadows at El Pollo Loco?

Update: Ah geez. Looks like Grace wasn’t making an insinuation about Zimmerman, just recalling something that her guest had said to her a few days earlier. New from Mediaite.

GRACE: What I’m asking is, is he consciously eating, gobbling down Ring Dings behind bars so he can then effectively argue to the jury that he’s too obese?

TAAFFE: Sure he is. Then he’s going to Taco Bell at midnight, eating churros and he’s eating Taco Bell at midnight, you know, ‘Run for the border.’ I mean, he’s doing all kinds of stuff to keep himself occupied. I mean, how would you feel if you…

GRACE: He’s not going to Taco Bell because he’s been behind bars…

TAAFFE: Well, I’m sure…

GRACE: He’s not going to midnight runs at Taco Bell.

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