Great news, America: Weiner, Spitzer both leading in new poll of New York City voters

Confession: It used to bug me when conservatives would dump on my hometown. I understood it wasn’t personal — red-state voters will obviously disdain a deep blue city. And there’s no disputing, whatever your feelings about NYC, that Bloomberg’s a cretin and the Yankees are evil. But still, you can’t listen to people dumping on the place where you grew up and not wince. It hits you where you live. Literally.

That’s how I felt. Until I saw this, and now, suddenly, I get it. I can finally watch “Cloverfield” and enjoy it without misgivings.

I made it. I’m one of you. Candy-ass RINO no more.

Strong support among black voters propels former Congressman Anthony Weiner to the top of the heap in the Democratic primary for New York City mayor and gives former Gov. Eliot Spitzer a 48 – 33 percent lead over Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer in the Democratic primary race for city comptroller, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today…

Weiner gets 25 percent of primary voters, with 22 percent for City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, 11 percent for former Comptroller William Thompson, 10 percent for Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, 7 percent for Comptroller John Liu, 1 percent for former City Council member Sal Albanese and 21 percent undecided, the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University poll finds…

Financial impropriety is a worse offense for an elected official than sexual misconduct, New York City Democrats say 69 – 22 percent. Financial impropriety is worse, women say 66 – 25 percent and men say 73 – 18 percent, white voters say 76 – 15 percent, black voters say 65 – 28 percent and Hispanic voters say 60 – 31 percent.

Check out the favorable ratings for Weiner versus Client Number Nine, especially the gender split. Am I awake?


Democratic men are heavily favorable towards both, but the guy who sent pervy photos of himself on Twitter is at -3 among women Dems while the guy who broke the law by hiring hookers and then held a mea culpa press conference with his poor wife at the podium with him is at … +17. What? Is that a simple product of Spitzer’s scandal having faded in time while Weiner’s is still relatively fresh, or is it a reflection of the fact that there’s more to Spitz’s resume than being smug in MSNBC segments and getting nothing passed in Congress, which is the sum total of Weiner’s? If you prefer the latter theory, read this recent post from Philip Klein about Spitzer’s abuse of power and vindictiveness when he was state attorney general, the office that catapulted him to the governor’s seat. If Spitzer’s “accomplishments” account for his higher favorable rating with Democrats, that’s a worse indictment of voters than easy forgiveness after a sex scandal.

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