Video: San Francisco news channel suffers PR sharknado by screwing up Asiana pilots' names

I know, I know, I already posted this in the Greenroom. We need a front-page palate cleanser, though, after a long, slow, aggravating news week. And besides, there’s something new to report that’s not in the GR post — namely, the news station is claiming that the NTSB itself confirmed that these were the pilots’ names. Only two possibilities in that case. Either KTVU is doubling down on being pranked by lying about it outright or the NTSB has stopped paying attention to air disasters. An NTSB spokesman flatly denies that anyone there confirmed anything, so that leaves us with only one option. You make the call: Is this the product of a disgruntled newsroom employee bent on revenge or the actions of a summer intern who thought it was funny enough to get fired over and wanted to see if, a la Ron Burgundy, local news anchors really will read anything you put on the teleprompter?

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