DVR alert: Sunday shows ready to go face-first into the tank for Wendy Davis

Normally I wait until Sunday morning to give you the chat-show preview but this deserves special attention. That humidity you’ve been feeling the last few days isn’t related to the weather, it’s simply the accumulation of media slobber over Davis since her stand-with-late-term-abortion filibuster in Texas a few nights ago. Mollie Hemingway’s been wading through a river of it for the last few days on her site, but you don’t need to look far to find examples on your own. Case in point: This probing analysis from the Washington Post of the sneakers Davis wore to keep her feet comfortable while she stood up to the people and the powerless for the right to have healthy 20-week-old fetuses vacuumed into oblivion. More from Hemingway:

I found it interesting that a search of the Los Angeles Times shows that the newspaper has already published 11 staff-written stories about her. By comparison, the Times only got around to three staff-written stories about Kermit Gosnell. One of those Davis stories was literally on the front page yesterday. Kermit Gosnell never made the front page of the Los Angeles Times and it took years after his indictment in the murders of seven children and one woman for the paper to even mention him at all, buried deep within the paper.

When North Dakota pro-life senator Margaret Sitte wrote, sponsored and passed various pro-life bills, did the Los Angeles Times cover her? Not even once. Some women who work on bills related to abortion are vastly more important than other women who work on bills related to abortion. As I joked on Twitter, “It’s almost like there’s a pattern with how the media cover abortion. It’s subtle, but if you look hard, you can almost detect something.”

Word’s out this afternoon that Davis will be on “Meet the Press” and “This Week” at least, with appearances on other shows maybe to follow. Judging from how she was treated on cable news the past few days, we’re in for a must-see master class in pro-abortion media bias. Expect questions about how tired she was by the end of the filibuster, whether she feels victimized by Rick Perry the same way former designated left-wing rallying point Sandra Fluke was by Rush Limbaugh, and of course how many inquiries she’s getting about her sneakers. Expect not so many questions about the fact that, according to polls on late-term abortion, “the people’s filibuster” actually contradicts the will of the people. Or what exactly the difference is between what Kermit Gosnell did and what “respectable” abortionists do at 20 weeks.

But … maybe I’m jumping to conclusions. You trust, er, David Gregory to conduct a tough interview, don’t you? He and ABC know pro-lifers will pound them relentlessly online if these segments end up being the pattycake sessions everyone expects them to be. They’re bound to be tough even if they don’t want to be, right?

Here you go. Behold the promo image ABC’s circulating for Sunday:


This is appointment viewing, people. Set your DVRs now.