Hard-hitting MSNBC interview with Wendy Davis: Exactly how awesome was your abortion filibuster?

Bookmark this so that you have it at hand the next time someone complains about ridiculous softball interviews of political allies on Fox News. Someone in my Twitter timeline last night said it was the political equivalent of Chris Farley’s SNL “interview” with Paul McCartney. Bingo. The closest Hayes gets to a question that’s even a little bit challenging is when he asks her to respond to Perry saying that the hooting mob lacked decorum, which is really just a set-up for her to run through talking points about “the people’s filibuster.” Contrary to rumor, though, he does utter the word “abortion” at least once at the beginning before he and Davis start wandering away from it. As Orwellian as the left’s handling of this subject is, it’s not quite that Orwellian. Yet.

I hope you’ll be as excited as I am to learn that the grassroots effort to draft abortion warrior Wendy Davis for governor of America’s most famously red state is in full swing.

On June 25, Texas state Senator Wendy Davis stood for 13 hours to filibuster against Texas Republicans’ War on Women. She did us proud, and it’s time that we made her governor of Texas.

Current Republican Gov. Rick Perry may run for an unprecedented fourth term. A hypothetical poll in January had Sen. Davis trailing Gov. Perry by only six points––despite the fact that she had virtually no name recognition at the time.

With changing demographics shaking up the Texas electorate, and Republicans continuously alienating millions of voters, Texas is ready to turn blue.

What word is missing there? Nationally, 50 percent of women support a ban on abortion after 20 weeks like the one Texas is trying to pass versus 44 percent who don’t. (Philip Klein slyly notes that this makes the ban more popular with women than ObamaCare is.) In Texas, 62 percent of all voters support it. And yet here’s the left angling to turn the next gubernatorial election into a referendum on the subject, no doubt powered by the same huge sums and organizational effort that worked so well for big labor in trying to recall Scott Walker. Having lefty grassroots donors divert millions from winnable Senate races to Davis’s lost cause would be a boost to GOP efforts next year to retake the upper chamber. I encourage you to sign every dumb Democratic “draft Wendy!” petition you stumble across.

Note, incidentally, that the recurring MSNBC chyron for this fair-and-balanced segment is “#standwithwendy.” Exit quotation:

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