Open thread: Sunday morning talking heads

Only two dishes on the menu this morning, the NSA revelations and of course the Gang of Eight’s amnesty bill. If you want to watch Lindsey Graham warn conservatives for the thousandth time that they’ll never win another election unless they pander to Latinos by rubber-stamping whatever terrible legislation he farts out, watch “Fox News Sunday.” (Mike Lee will be on too to make the anti-amnesty case.) If you’d rather watch intelligence titans strain to be “transparent” in debating FISA and PRISM while not revealing anything classified, your best bet is NSA chief Gen. Keith Alexander on “This Week.”

Always worth noting because he’s the most unpredictable member of Congress: Rand Paul will be on CNN’s “State of the Union” to talk about whether he’s given up on the Gang of Eight, whether he agrees with Ted Cruz that we should knock out Assad’s chemical weapons in Syria and then scram, and whether he thinks Edward Snowden deserves the espionage charge he was slapped with yesterday. The full line-up is at Politico.