Hillary: It'd send an awesome signal if we elected a woman president sometime soon

Dear God, if you’re up there, hear an atheist’s prayer: If it’s a choice between Hillary jumping in the race tomorrow and campaigning earnestly for three years or Hillary doing cutesy self-aggrandizing will-she-or-won’t-she media trolls like this every few months until 2015, please, please grant her the decency to choose the former. I can take the Clintons making their case out on the trail. I can’t take the political equivalent of LeBron James’s “The Decision” stretched out for years on end. Unless, of course, she has fun with the idea and declares 18 months from now that she’s “taking my talents to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.” Then I’ll give her a pass.

Looks like the choice in 2016 is likely to be between someone who pushes Democratic policies because she believes in them and someone who pushes Democratic policies when it’s in his personal political interest to do so. How do you prefer your liberal medicine? Delivered straight, or deceitfully on the assumption that you’re too stupid to recognize it for what it is? That’s our choice, I guess.