Sharyl Attkisson: I think I know who hacked into my computers

She covers some of the same ground with O’Reilly that she covered in yesterday’s CBS segment, but he finally gets her to confirm near the end that yes, she has a solid suspicion about whodunnit. And if she’s willing to make an issue of this on her network, let alone another one, while taking care to emphasize that this all happened while she was working on stories that embarrassed Obama and his DOJ, it’s abundantly clear who she thinks the culprit is. You don’t go on national news to talk about being hacked if you think it’s some kid halfway around the world who was messing around.

One obvious question, though: Why go public with this before she’s prepared to formally accuse someone? I’m guessing maybe she thought that, after the hacker caused her so much anxiety by violating her privacy, she’d make him/them sweat a bit too by teasing the exposure to come. Or maybe the revelations about the AP and James Rosen prompted her to start talking about this before she had planned to. No sense holding back on your own bombshell about government harassment of reporters when the media’s been chattering about other instances for weeks.

I still don’t understand, though, if it’s the DOJ that did this why they’d do it in a manner as clumsy as remotely turning on her computers. Surely the feds are better at covering their tracks than that. Speaking of which, note that she mentions here that her personal computer is an Apple desktop. One of the theories yesterday about her computers turning on in the middle of the night was that it was simply Windows checking for the daily update. Apple doesn’t do daily updates, though, does it? I thought it was weekly.