Bill Ayers: Let's face it, Obama should be on trial for war crimes

And, he’s quick to add, so should every other president of the past century. A fun clip for many reasons. One: Because Ayers is such a far-left caricature, you can bait him all day long knowing to a virtual certainty what his responses will be. The two RCP guys can’t suppress their smirks at how easy it is. There’s a 99 percent chance that he’s going to call O a war criminal and a one percent chance that he’s going to betray his anti-war ethos by defending O’s drone policy out of pure personal loyalty. Either way, it’s news. Two: It’ll never stop being amusing watching leftists express their disappointment in Hopenchange. Obama skeptics had to endure a lot of self-congratulatory piety and messianism from the other side in 2008. Five years later, the faithful are split between those like Ayers who see O as having betrayed The Cause and all the Democrats who’ve contorted themselves into supporting things like NSA surveillance chiefly out of partisan allegiance. They still believe in Hopenchange, it’s just a … different Hopenchange, one which requires collecting Americans’ phone and Internet data. No more messiah, whichever camp you’re in.

Three: The fact that Ayers is quick to mention O’s curiosity when asked what he likes about him is, knowingly or not, almost a goof on Jane Mayer and the liberal intelligentsia for giving Obama a pass on style points for his foreign-policy aggressiveness. As I said once before, it’s a straight line from David Brooks admiring the crease in O’s pants to Mayer et al. deciding that U.S. drones firing missiles at unknown people on the ground in Pakistan is kinda sorta okay because Obama’s smart, thoughtful, morally conflicted about all this, etc. He’s a well-educated, right-thinking liberal who has his stuff together. He’s a lot like them. They trust him. Ayers, at least, refuses to give O a pass on those grounds, although I leave it to you to judge from the clip how deeply troubled he is by Obama’s sins. (“I like him personally. I mean, he’s a really good guy.”) Four: Are we really watching a guy who got off scot-free for domestic terrorism, then crowed about it by declaring that he was “guilty as sin, free as a bird,” complain that someone else isn’t being sufficiently punished for terrorism? What?

Anyway, slow news day. Click the image to watch.