Video: The passive-aggressive news team

We need a palate cleanser and it was either this, via 2Bucks Entertainment, or the report on the nine-year-old in Brooklyn who slammed a door on a robber’s arm, grabbed his gun, and fired at him to chase him out of his home. Which is, to be sure, a glorious story, but yet another reminder that alpha males are born, my friends, not made. Of which, let us speak no more.

Besides, there’s more to say about this one. Is this fairly standard tongue-in-cheek news-team banter for the audience’s benefit, pushed to the edge of bona fide antagonism, or is it antagonism? The first time I watched it this morning I stopped halfway through, sure that it was repartee and that the anchor maybe needed a slight adjustment in how far to take it. Having now watched it all the way through, I’m undecided. Before you issue a verdict, check the captions on these photos. Hmmm.

Only one thing is certain: The inevitable SNL send-up will be less entertaining than this video.

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David Strom 12:01 PM on October 07, 2022